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Welcome to Bucks Videography! We specialize in natural wedding films and videography in Buckingham. We will capture the beauty and emotion of your special day. Whether you’re getting married in Buckingham or surrounding areas like Aylesbury, High Wycombe, Beaconsfield or Amersham, we’ve got you covered.

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Firstly, our team understands that your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life! And we strive to make sure that every moment is captured perfectly. We take a natural approach to filming, which means that we’ll capture the day as it happens, without interfering or disrupting your celebrations.

Our Wedding Videography & Films

Furthermore, we pride ourselves on our ability to tell your unique love story through our videos. From the laughter and joy to the tears of happiness, we’ll be there to capture every moment and create a beautiful, timeless film that you’ll treasure for years to come. We have an eye for detail and know how to create stunning visual compositions that tell a story. From the small moments like a glance or a smile, to the big moments like the first dance or the exchange of rings! Undoubtedly, we know how to capture it all.

Take a look at our works to feel the vibe! 🙂

Additionally, we offer a range of wedding video services to suit your needs. Whether you’re looking for a full-length wedding film or a highlights reel, we’ll work with you to create the perfect video package.

Moreover, we understand that every wedding is different, and that’s why we offer a bespoke service that’s tailored to your specific requirements. We’ll work closely with you to understand your vision and ensure that we deliver a final product that exceeds your expectations.

Our Wedding Films package includes:

  • Wedding videography packages can vary from one wedding to another, but typically they include the following:
  • Pre-wedding consultation. This is where we get to know you, discuss your preferences, and plan the shoot.
  • Coverage of the wedding ceremony. This includes footage of the venue, guests arriving, the bridal party, the wedding ceremony itself, vows, exchanging rings. And of course, the signing of the marriage certificate.
  • Coverage of the reception. This includes footage of the reception venue, speeches, toasts, first dance, cutting of the cake, and other events during the reception.
  • Professional camera equipment. A natural wedding videography package includes high-quality cameras, lenses, microphones, and lighting equipment. With all that we capture footage in the highest quality.
  • Video editing. The videographer will edit the footage captured during the wedding day to create a cohesive, natural-looking video that tells the story of the couple’s special day. This may include colour grading, combining clips, sound editing, adding music, etc.
  • Optional extras. We also offer additional extras such as a second videographer, drone footage, raw footage, or additional hours of coverage.

Our getting Ready ideas!

Firstly, we do video of the bridal party or groomsmen getting ready. This may include clips of our clients doing their hair and makeup, getting dressed, putting on accessories, etc.

In addition, we can do footage of the wedding dress, shoes, jewellery, and other accessories. The videographer may capture close-up shots of the bride’s dress hanging up or being put on. As well as shots of her shoes, jewellery, and other accessories.

Secondly, we make shots of the venue or location where the getting ready is taking place. Also, the videographer may capture establishing shots of the room or location where the bride and/or groom are getting ready. As well as shots of any decor or details that are relevant to the wedding.

Important are candid moments and interactions. The videographer takes clips of candid moments of the bridal party or groomsmen chatting, laughing, and interacting with each other as they get ready.

Emotional moments. The videographer may also capture emotional moments, such as the bride’s first look in the mirror after getting dressed. And the groom’s reaction when he sees his bride for the first time.

Overall, the goal of natural wedding videography for getting ready is to capture the genuine moments and emotions of the day, rather than creating a staged or overly posed video.

We use Drones for weddings

Wedding drone films are a breath-taking and unique way to capture your special day from a whole new perspective. With their ability to fly high above the wedding venue, drone cameras can capture stunning aerial footage! We will capture the beauty of the surroundings and the joy of the wedding celebration.

Wedding drone videos are a fantastic way to capture the special moments of your big day from a unique and stunning perspective. We use high-quality drones, which are capable of capturing aerial footage of your wedding venue and the surrounding landscape.

Not only do these films provide a unique and memorable way to document your wedding day, but they also offer a fun and interactive experience for you and your guests. 

Our Videography Equipment!

We use various cameras, lenses (different lenses are used for different shots, such as wide-angle lenses for landscapes and telephoto lenses for close-up shots). Also we use tripods, microphones, professional lighting, gimbal/stabilizer, external recorder, drone, editing software. 

In conclusion, if you’re looking for natural wedding films and videography in Buckingham and surrounding areas like Aylesbury and Northampton, look no further than Bucks Videography. We’ll capture your special day in a way that you’ll cherish for a lifetime. Contact us or visit our website today to discuss your requirements and let’s create something beautiful together!

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